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What is Astrology?

The great sense of wonder in mankind has always been inspired by stars and planets. The study of romantic relationships and patterns, birth chart, our stars, relationships with others, make up of elements and the planets that are in motion can be called as Astrology. These things are measured on …

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How to find a good personal astrologer

A few years ago, it was a very difficult task to find any good astrologer. Now a day, finding a good astrologer can be an easy task only if you are searching sensibly. Many people are working as astrologers, they give advertisements about them everywhere. You can find a good …

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Are your stars aligned this year?

People who believe in astrology think the stars affect your life. They say that the position of the stars and planets on the day of your birth influences your personality. For example, people born under the star sign Leo are supposed to be loyal and proud, while Scorpios are passionate …

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