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We are the best astrologers in Mumbai who can help you with our future and in understanding yourself.

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We are the best astrologers in Mumbai who can help you with our future and in understanding yourself. We are a team of professional astrologists with various experiences in the science. So if it is the best you are looking for, you found not just the best but the right ones to assist your every need. We offer 15 minute consultations to all our customers. And we value your time deeply, thus we will immediately get in touch with you upon receiving the form you submitted on our website. Our prognoses are guaranteed accurate as proven by thousands of loyal clients. So, if you are looking for the best astrologer in Mumbai, you have finally found what you were looking for.

Astrology has been one of the most ancient and long standing sciences in history. It is also one of the most respected forms of art and has helped countless people in their search for answers in life. When it comes to fortune-telling, this is one of the most reliable sources as it bases its predictions on the stars and planets. India is the home to many talented astrologers who excel in the field and as such, you can actually fine the best astrologer in Mumbai. But first let us introduce you into the amazing world of Astrology.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a science which falls under metaphysics, the study of anything beyond physical. It was founded based on ancient theories, as with other similar fields. It is the earliest form of science that ever existed. Long before history was recorded, our ancestors have been using astrology to guide them in different ways every day. Thus, it is known to be the Mother of all Sciences. Astrology refers to the study of patterns, relationships and influence of cosmic objects to humans. These cosmic objects are usually the sun, stars, moon and the planets. It is said that the position of these elements at the time of a person’s birth shapes their personality. This also gives a big impact on their relationships and it can predict their future economic status. This indeed has been proven true over and over again by people from different races in different generations. Actually, the current position of these elements can also affect one’s mood and actions.

How Does Astrology Affect People’s Lives?

There is one basic fact in the universe, everything is connected. Astrology is a path the shows the connection of cosmic elements to humans. Therefore, it is a treasure so priceless and is meant to be shared by all mankind. With the help of astrology, one’s purpose in life can actually be revealed. It can also bring about clarity and guidance to one’s personal life in different aspects like in love, health, family, finance, career, education and spirit. It also presents solutions and answers to the most difficult and hopeless circumstances in life. This can reveal a clearer pathway to challenges and in bringing about prosperity and success. It helps people understand themselves in different levels. It also helps humans realize their potentials and strengths. This gives a sense of purpose, positivity, hope and clarity to those who wants illumination. Through astrology, one can understand the universe deeper and everything can be explained.

There are several factors which influence astrology and its readings however some of the most important factors are the planets, the zodiac signs and the house. The seven planets are associated with different influences and are modified depending on its position in the zodiac. On the other hand, the twelve zodiac signs are representations of influences relating to your Sun sign which is your character attribute, your Ascendant which is your personality, and a combination of both which is your physical appearance. Lastly, the twelve houses represent the environment and its influences. There are three basic things considered in all astrology charts:

The sun, the zodiac sign and the house it is in.

The moon, the zodiac sign and the house it is in.

The ascendant, the zodiac sign and the planets associated with the ascendant.

Of course the influences from other planets are also taken into consideration. These elements have their own symbolisms. Just like the sun for example, it is the main indicator of one’s character and vitality. The moon on the other hand represents the emotional and unconscious aspect of a person. The angular alignments of the planets are also taken into consideration.

Mumbai is the center of astrology in India. If you are looking for the best astrologer in Mumbai, you will definitely find it here. From the ancient times until today, astrology here is teeming and is well preserved. If you are interested in finding an authentic Hindu astrologer with great talents then Mumbai is the place. This ancient city in India is well-known for astrologers who give accurate predictions. In here you are assured that most of them have in-depth studies on heavenly bodies and its relationship to humans. They have studied both the ancient and modern way of Hindu astrology in order to serve the people well.

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